Machalico is a leading company in cultivation of aromatic plantations with the highest and safest techniques. Our company imposes a consistent system of standards for the good manufacture and safe products of essential oils and concrete either by extraction or distillation. This is based on broadly recognized scientific principles and aims to protect the consumer and the environment.

Vision & Values

To achieve our mission, we affirm our values of integrity, respect for people, customer focus, community, innovation, teamwork, performance, continuous improvement, leadership and quality, to exceed the expectations of our customers, business partners and regulators.
We have a relentless passion for quality in everything we do.


As we controlling more than 60% of our agricultural raw material in Bassioune and Mehallah sites Machalico can achieve the best quality control is applied during the whole process of manufacture: reception of flowers, production and dispatch.

MACHALICO is practicing complete physical and chemical analyses using the most recent instrumentations: a chromatograph of the type (Agilent Technologies, 7683 Series Injector, 6890 Network GC System) a polarometer, a fractometer and a densimeter. In addition Machalico process a rotavapor apparatus of the type Büchi to control weekly the Absolute percentage and the different components of the different floral products.
The process of sampling production and their documentation allows the optimal tracability.

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Centers of Plantation and production

a) In the Nile Delta and principally

at Mehallah, Koutour and Bassiuon regions located at 100 kms north Cairo, the most important production of Jasmine (about 200 hectares) Violet Leaves, Marigold, Cassie, Basil, a small amount of geranium, etc… are grown up there.

b) In the Oasis of Beni-Souef and Fayum

located at 100 kms south Cairo 90% of Geraium, Blue Camomile, Marjoran, Basil and a very small quantity of Jasmine and different spices are the main aromatic plantations.